Membership & Fees

Any member of the Pretoria Country Club is eligible to join the Pretoria Club Section. All that is required is the completion of the downloadable Pretoria Club Section membership form.

Please complete and hand-in the form at reception, or Fax it to 012 460-7107.

Social Club Membership Fee Structure 1 MARCH 2017 – 28 FEBRUARY 2018

DescriptionEntrance Fee*Annual Sub-Fees12 Month D/O6 Month D/O
Male 19-34250.003 675.00360.00695.00
Male 35 & Over250.004 225.00410.00795.00
Country Male250.001 859.00195.00363.00
Female 19 - 34250.002 237.00230.00435.00
Female 35 & Over250.003 950.00385.00745.00
Wife/Widow 19 - 34250.001 364.00150.00273.00
Wife/Widow 35 & Over250.002 512.00255.00485.00
Country Female250.001 577.00170.00315.00
Student Member250.001 374.00150.00275.00
Junior Member250.00805.00100.00175.00

Other Fees

Member Card145.00
Pretoria Club Affiliation295.00
Snooker (per person)no charge
Fishing Permit (per person)50.00
Carl Jeppe Room Rental
(plus VAT, per person, strictly members ONLY)
Braai booking at the damR200 (max 20pax) and R500 (more than 20pax)


  • All new members pay a once of fee of R145 for their Pretoria Country Club membership

    • This card entitles the holder to a 15% discount at all the facilities of the Club.
    • This card entitles the holder to rebates on booking of any of the catering venues at the Club.
  • Certain categories include a loyalty charge of R550/R275. Loyalty is credit on your account
    which is redeemable at all the various points for food & beverages.
  • *NO ENTRANCE FEE* applicable if a two year membership waiver agreement is signed