Social Fees 1 MARCH 2017 – 28 FEBRUARY 2018

All playing fees are inclusive of VAT.

DescriptionEntrance Fee*Annual Sub-Fees12 Month D/O6 Month D/O
Male 19-34250.003 675.00360.00695.00
Male 35 & Over250.004 225.00410.00795.00
Country Male250.001 859.00195.00363.00
Female 19 - 34250.002 237.00230.00435.00
Female 35 & Over250.003 950.00385.00745.00
Wife/Widow 19 - 34250.001 364.00150.00273.00
Wife/Widow 35 & Over250.002 512.00255.00485.00
Country Female250.001 577.00170.00315.00
Student Member250.001 374.00150.00275.00
Junior Member250.00805.00100.00175.00


  • All new members pay a once of fee of R145 for their Pretoria Country Club membership

    • This card entitles the holder to a 15% discount at all the facilities of the Club.
    • This card entitles the holder to rebates on booking of any of the catering venues at the Club.
  • Certain categories include a loyalty charge of R550/R275. Loyalty is credit on your account
    which is redeemable at all the various points for food & beverages.
  • *NO ENTRANCE FEE* applicable if a two year membership waiver agreement is signed

Additional Facility fees:

  • Pretoria Club Affiliation R295
  • Fishing permit per day: R50 per person
  • Braai booking at the dam: R200 (max 20pax) and R500 (more than 20pax)
  • Snooker – no charge